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Fun N'Awlins Radio Folks & Music Videos To Watch

​Radio Folks Videos

Frank Davis - Tributes to Frank as he is laid to rest, 12/14/13.  WWL-TV Video.   ( 3:59 )

Frank Davis - WWL-TV's news video on Frank Davis passing away, aired on the 10 pm news on 12/9/13.   ( 5:23 )


          A nostalgic visit back to Krauss Department Store   (3:33)

          Poppa Stoppa - Irish Channel piece, including a short cameo by Clarence Hamann.   (1:54)

          Al Scramuzza - tells about Seafood City, politics, his famous commercials, and ... about Al Scramuzza.   (3:25)

          A Visit to Record Ron's - Ron shows off his lunch box collection.  With Jim Clarke.   (3:17)

           Line Dancing at Good Time Charlie's - Thursday night fun, 1992.   (2:40)

New Orleans Radio Broadcasters Reunion - Video at Captain Humble's Restaurant  11/1/08.   (10:19)

Sid Noel - Out of costume, being interviewed by Alec Gifford about Morgus (with Wayne Mack). 1998  (1:57)

C.C. Courtney - As Dimebag Charlie in a scene from his movie "Everything or Nothing."  (3:18)

Bob Walker - Bob voiceovers the beginning of the famous Frankie & Johnny TV spot.  (:60)

Scott WalkerThe Mobile Leprechaun video ... The former KOOL-95.7 DJ (now WDSU-TV)

                         introduces the Mobile, Alabama leprechaun around St. Patrick's Day in 2006, on WPMI-TV.

                     The popular video went viral and so far has had 24 million views on YouTube.   (2:04)

Scott Walker - Former WTKL "KOOL 95.7" announcer, now a TV News Anchor, reports on the

devastation of Hurricane Katrina in Clermont Harbor, MS in early September 2005.  (2:32)

Pal Al - at The Arches in Marrero, LA, 1985 - Irma Thomas ends her set, then Pal Al announces upcoming

N.O. bands and singers, and Chubby Checker coming to The Arches.  Cameo at end by Bill Mauffray.  (3:11)

Late Night Radio In New Orleans - WGNO's Real New Orleans story from 1993 by Ronnie Virgets, featuring

Tony Ponseti studio insanity, with Stark Whiteman and Bobby Lonero & the New Orleans Express.   (4:36)

N'Awlins Radio Hit Records Performed Live by the Original Artists on Video

Mike Ancona - performing "There's Got To Be A Girl" at the Jokers reunion  11/5/89.  A fun video!  (4:21)

Roland Stone - sings "Just A Moment (Of Your Time)" at The Jokers reunion 11/5/89.  (4:34)

Aaron Neville - WOW !! - "Tell It Like It Is," with Bonnie Raitt & Gregg Allman.  (4:30)   Skip ad after 5 seconds.

Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt - Their hit "Don't Know Much" on stage, 1990   (3:36)

Louis Prima - with Keely Smith & Sam Butera rockin' "Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody."   (3:26)

Louis Prima - Having fun on TV doing "That Old Black Magic" with Keely Smith & Sam Butera, 1960.   (2:21)

Louis Prima Jr. - "Jump, Jive & Wail" with Sarah Spiegel, on PBS.   (3:46)

Lee Dorsey - "Ride Your Pony," on tv's Sam & Dave show, 1967.   (3:04)

Clarence "Frogman" Henry - doing "I Don't Know Why (But I Do)" on WWL-TV, 1980's.   (2:18)

Clarence "Frogman" Henry - singing "You Always Hurt The One You Love" on WWL-TV, 1980's.   (2:21)

Dr. John - Performing "Such A Night" at Tulane Commencement ceremony, 2013.  (3:59)

Cathy & Joe - Slideshow of their 1964 hit "I See You."  In loving memory of Cathy Burns Thornton & Joe Wegmann.   (2:29)

Jessie Hill - An abbreviated, fun clip his performance of  "Ooh Poo Pah Doo"  from Japan, 1991.   (1:27)

Jean Knight - Getting funky and sassy doing "Mr. Big Stuff."   (3:56)

The Singing Saints - The original "Who Dat" performed by Aaron Neville and Saints players, 1983  (2:11)

John Fred & His Playboy Band - On TV doing "Judy In Disguise."  Psychedelic until vocals begin, 1968.   (2:59)

Frankie Ford - sizzles singing "Sea Cruise" live on TV, 1999.  (2:36)

Frankie Ford - Incredible performance singing "Gone" live on TV, 1999.  (2:59)

Benny Grunch - "Santa and His Reindeer Used To Live Right Here" on Naturally N'Awlins with Frank Davis.  (3:10)

Benny Grunch - "Ain't Dere No More" with Frank Davis on Naturally N'Awlins.  (3:36)

Benny Grunch & The Bunch - performing the "12 Yats of Christmas."    (3:47)

TQ and the Topcats - with Charlie Cuccia singing "Iko Iko" on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  (2:00)

Vince Vance & The Valiants - Lisa Layne sings "All I Want For Christmas Is You."  (3:42)

Irma Thomas - sings "It's Raining," live.  (3:38)

Fats Domino - performs "Blueberry Hill."  (2:41)

Fats Domino - Rockin' the stage with "My Blue Heaven."   (1:58)

Ernie K-Doe - Allen Toussaint inroduces and plays piano as Ernie sings "A Certain Girl."  (3:08)

Jimmy Clanton - On TV show, singing "Just A Dream."  (3:08)

The Dixie Cups - doing "Chapel of Love" at the 2010 New Orleans Jazz Fest.  (5:05)

Other New Orleans Singers Performing Radio Hit Songs on Video

Wendy Siegel - (Crescent City Soul Band) stunning as Patsy Cline performing "Walking After Midnight"

                           & "Crazy."  (5:51)

Kathy Savoie - A fun Christmas favorite: "Santa's Pillows" with Benny Grunch & The Bunch.   ( 4:29 )