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Buzz Bennett

Skip Broussard

Roger W. Cavaness

Ken Bowen

Ken Hanson &

​George Bonnell

Terry Young

​with Billy Preston

Bob Robin,

Dee Dee Sperling  (Dick & Dee Dee)

& David Nebel

Tommy Tucker

Captain Humble (Hugh Dillard)

Bob Walker

Kim Diamond

Sgt. T-Ben Boudreaux (Ben Walsh)

​& Bob Walker at a remote

C. C. Courtney is on top, Buzz Bennett is center on bottom (with the headband...he was still lost in the '60's).

Contributor Mike Weiss is on the right of

the long sandwich, wearing the Foghat hat

Fred Berthelson
Legendary WTIX General Manager

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"Weerd" Wayne Watkins

Johnny Stevens, "The White Eagle" in the WNOE-1060 am studio, August 1967. The Summer of Love. 

Note Johnny's leather head band.  He took being an Indian wannabe seriously!

Sid Noel

Marc Sommers

Lou Saint


Your Oldies Sweetheart

Ted Green

Darlene Gentner

C. C. Courtney

Todd Bauer


Blair On The Air, Marty With The Party,

Kim "Toad" Stephens, the late Bobby B,

Ya Pal Al, & Bob Walker - 1981

"Blair & The Fat Man" on
​the KOOL Wake-Up Club

First show August 23, 1993 on WTKL, KOOL 95.7

Ben Suddeth (News), Blair, Don Banks

Blair "On The Air" Kullman

Bobby Reno

Robert Mitchell

Joe Culotta

Bob Walker

Jon Reed

Jim Swiler

Bobby Reno

C. C. Courtney & Lou Kirby

Bob Mitchell

Poppa Stoppa (Clarence Hamann)

​& Mayor Vic Schiro

Lan Roberts

Michael Green

Dr. Daddio

(Vern Winslow)

Doug China

​(Charlie Douglas)

Skinny Tom Cheney

Scrapbook of New Orleans Radio Folks

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