​​​* WTIX Composite Aircheck   (1979) featuring:

          Robert Mitchell, Larry Hamilton, Kathy Fishman, Pal Al Nasser, Greg Fox,

$25,000 Giveaway promo (Buzz Bennett voiceover), Bob Walker (TIX Original Oldie Hour),

Terry Young, Money Music Scrambled Songs promo, Marty with the Party, Kim Stephens.


* Don Anthony - Aircheck  August 1973     (7:33)

* Don Anthony - Louis Prima Interview  1974    (10:00)

* Buzz Bennett - Aircheck  April 1967   Buzz at his manic best.   (3:00)
* Buzz Bennett - 
Aircheck  May 1967   (2:50)

​* Tom Cheney - Newscast June 1970 during the Bill Murvin show.     (3:56)
            Defense Department ready to draw lottery numbers for the 1971 military draft.

* Richard Fahey - Newscast  6/5/62   (3:39)

* Michael Green - Tape City Spot  for Sergio Mendez & Brazil '66 album & concert. November 1969  (1:09)

​* Ted Green - Aircheck Summer 1962   (15:50)   Recorded on a DX radio signal, some QSB.

​* Joe Hagler - Aircheck Summer 1962   (2:07)

* Robert Mitchell - Aircheck  June 1969.  Bob Walker 20-20 Traffic, Bill Murvin on Smith's & Tape City Spot.    (8:55)

* Robert Mitchell - Aircheck  It's a Robert Mitchell Morning -  July 22 1969.     (27:24)
          Relive the fun for almost a half hour with Robert Mitchell and the radio hits of 1969.  WTIX News Chief Jim

          Swiler does a Signal 20 traffic report, and a 20-20 newscast with an update of the Apollo 11 astronauts who

          were on the moon on this date.Also hear 1969 local radio commercials including Rex Root Beer,

          Pontchartrain Beach, Schlitz Beer, Metropolitan Bank of Jefferson (with Aunt Polly and nephew Sterling),

          Godchaux (Bob Walker), Pepsi (Bob Walker),           the Zoom Zoom Room, RC Cola contest (Bill Murvin),

          and more.

​​* Robert Mitchell - Aircheck  November 1969  (22:45)

          Another Robert Mitchell Morning. Robert Mitchell plays the radio hits of 1969.  WTIX News Chief Jim Swiler does a

          Signal 20 traffic report.  Bob Mitchell and Jim Swiler conduct an interview with "Quarterback Billy Kilmore"

          (takeoff on Saints QB Billy Kilmer).  Also hear 1969 local radio commercials including Louisiana Power & Light,

          The Marvelous Myth promo (Beatles), DH Holmes Yardley promotion, Sears (Dave Ralston), Expo '69 (not '67),

          Sergio Mendez concert (Michael Green), Bernie Dumas Buick (Bill Murvin), a bad Drive-In Movie ad, Metropolitan

          Bank Of Jefferson (with Aunt Polly and nephew Sterling), Dr. Pepper, Robo-Wash and more.

* Robert Mitchell (with Jim Swiler) - Quarterback "Billy Kilmore"  November 1969  (1:17)

* Robert Mitchell (with Katy Caraway) - Mardi Gras Phone Calls  February 28, 1980  (5:18)

* Bill Murvin - Aircheck,  June 1970.  Includes Tom Cheney Newscast.

* Bill Murvin - RC Cola Spot  July 1969  (:34)     $3.00 off a $19.95 portable 45 rpm record player.

* Bill Murvin - Bernie Dumas Buick Spot  November 1969  (:32)

​* Gene Phillips - Aircheck  June 1962.     (1:09) A brief clip of WTIX's "All Night Satellite."

            David Nebel doing records disclaimer.

* Ed Ripley - Aircheck  6/5/62   (15:27)

            Also includes commercials for Pontchartrain Beach, the 1962 Ford Galaxy, Mexsana Powder, 7-Up Float,

            and a mention of Kirschman's Gentilly Woods.  Also The Great Roller Coaster Marathon at Pontchartrain

            Beach winning WTIX DJ's. announced, a fun contest to Name JFK's PT boat, and the telephone Double

            or Nothing contest.

* Craig Roberts (with Bob Walker) - The Origin of Thanksgiving  1971    (4:26) Explained by the oldest man in

            the world.

* Craig Roberts - Guglielmo the Tree  1972    (:25)  Smoky the Bear PSA takeoff for Italy.

* Craig Roberts - Vito Mufallato   1972     (:55)

          WTIX Morning newsman Craig Roberts was also known for his comic relief bits on Robert Mitchell's

          morning show. 

          When The Godfather movie was riding high in popularity when released in 1972, and New Orleans staged

          another election not long afterwards, Craig Roberts created "Vito Mufallato" who urged people to vote the

          Mufallato ticket.

* Jim Swiler - Traffic Report  November 1969  (1:55)

* Jim Swiler - 20/20 Newscast  July 22, 1969  (6:03)

​* Bob Walker - Christmas Eve 1967  (1:08)  Bob flubs his midnight Bible reading.  What else can I say?

* Bob Walker - Aircheck  1968  (11:57)

* Bob Walker - Aircheck   October 6, 1968     (10:47)

          It's a WTIX Golden Weekend on a Sunday Night.  Includes a 20-20 Newscast (by Bob Walker), a WTIX

          Laugh-In contest promo, a rats in the city PSA, and a Donovan concert promo by Robert Mitchell.

​* Bob Walker - Sonovox Name Shout  1969

* Bob Walker - Aircheck  October 22, 1969  (10:30)

          Also the WTIX 1969 Halloween House Decoration Contest, a Signal 20 traffic report by David Lawrence,

          a spot for the new Vanilla Fudge tape on sale at Tape City USA, and a full Coca Cola "It's The Real Thing"

          spot by the Fortunes (near the end).

* Bob Walker - Aircheck  August 1970

          Cruise out on the lakefront once again with the sound of the real and classic WTIX 690 on a summertime

          Saturday afternoon in 1970.

* Bob Walker - Aircheck  April 1971  (1:23)

* Bob Walker - Aircheck  February 1972  (12:08)

          Where were you in February 1972? Donny Osmond was at #1, the TIX All-Stars basketball team was ready

          to play De La Salle, the time chime and the music that was on your radio.
* Bob Walker - Aircheck May 16, 1972  (11:00)

          May 16, 1972. Presidential candidate / Alabama Governor George Wallace had just been shot.

          Frequent updates between songs, and a 20-20 news summary of what was known at that moment by

          J. Andrew Michaels.

​* Bob Walker - Aircheck  August 8, 1972  (9:52)

          Includes live spots for Godchaux's Bottoms Up Shop, 7-Up the Uncola, and an employment opportunity for

          a painter at $3.00 an hour ... among other stuff of 1972.

​* Bob Walker - Aircheck  August 10, 1972  (11:46)

          2 days later ... Live commercials for local businesses and PSA's ... another job offering for $4.00 an hour,

          and the August 1972 hits and oldies.

* Bob Walker - with Hazel Belle Jenkins  1977  (1:19)
          Hazel Belle was one of our regular call-in "characters."  Here she is complaining about

          President Jimmy Carter and Bert Lance.

* Bob Walker - Aircheck   1981  The Oldies Professor Steve Slumber calls the WTIX Original Oldie Hour.   (3:13)

* Bob Walker - Fats Domino Phone Interview   1980     (5:51)
          Fats talks about his music, his upcoming shows at Bobby's Place, his upcoming movie with Clint Eastwood

          and his new song in it, and he invites me and our Program Director Robert Mitchell over to his house next

          week so he can cook for us. Of course we took him up on his offer. In his undershirt he personally cooked

          red beans and rice, along with corn bread for us.  He even sent Reggie Hall to the grocery to get us all some

          Barq's Root Beers. After lunch he sang a few of his songs for us in his living room.

* Skip Wilkerson - Aircheck     Morning Drive, August 5, 1964     (27:05)

           Lots of Beatles stuff and Beatles concert ticket finalists *  Humorous Anacin commercial ... "I ONLY HAVE

           TWO HANDS !!!" * The Fat Black Pussycat movie spot * The Beatles are coming to New Orleans ...

           Louise Harrison Caldwell (George's sister) reports on the Beatles and Ringo being nominated for President

           of the United States * Dan Diamond ad for Tackle face medication * Community Billboard * Name Dropper

           Contest * 5 minute Charlie Ray newscast. 

Skip Wilkerson - Aircheck   Morning Drive, March 16, 1965   (10:02)

* Sy Jenkins - Aircheck   20/20 Newscast, with David Lawrence and Jon Reed   5/20/70   ( 8:38 )


​Beatles Concert Ticket Contest - WTIX  September 1964  (1:02)

​* Louise Harrison Caldwell WTIX Aircheck, August 5, 1964.
          As Beatlemania set in, Louise Harrison Caldwell (sister of Beatle George Harrison) called WTIX every day

          from St. Louis, MO with updates and tidbits about the Beatles to fan the excitement of their upcoming

          concert in New Orleans on September 16, 1964.  In this call, Louise talks about Ringo possibly being    

          nominated for President of the United States in the 1964 election in November.  LOL

Morgus' Experiment - House of Shock theme & experiment - '45 record released in 1959  (4:07)

Pontchartrain Beach radio spot - WTIX 1962  (1:02)

     Ed Ripley voiceover, featuring  The Nerveless Nocks and the Poodle Express.

Pontchartrain Beach jingle donut and bed only - late 1960's  (:42)

Ballad of the TIX Tigers    (2:39)

     In 1962, inspired by the success of the new CBS-TV show "The Beverly Hillbillies,"  WTIX created and recorded    "The Ballad Of The TIX Tigers."  Using the actual TV show theme song "The Ballad Of Jed Clampett" and splicing the banjo on the beginning over and over, a similar fun song was born that spotlighted the WTIX DJ's of 1962 instead of the Clampett family.  This fun song is still fondly remembered by many today.  The "singer" is (WTIX DJ) Ed Ripley.  The DJ's he 'sings' about are: Ron Martin, David Nebel, Bill Baker, Ed Ripley, Bob Robin, Ted Green and Gene Phillips.

WTIX Appreciation Night at Pontchartrain Beach Promos  (Free Concerts):

     1961 (Full)  |  1961 (Short)  |  1962 (Full)  |  1962 (Short)  |  1963 (Full)

New Orleans Singers Say "Hi" on the WTIX Original Oldie Hour at Noon with Bob Wallker - 1981   (1:11)

     Hear John Fred, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, the Dixie Cups, Eddie Powers, Frankie Ford, Huey "Piano" Smith, Joe Barry, Mike Ancona, Milson Luce and Oliver "Who Shot The La-La" Morgan, all saying hi on Bob Walker's Original Oldie Hour at 12 noon on WTIX 690-am.

​* WTIX Classic Sounds   (0:18)

     The sounds that listeners remembered the most:
          1.) The "WTIX ... and we love you" jingle (courtesy of PAMS jingles),

          2.) Skinny Tommy Cheney's shout out, and,

          3.) One of our four chime tones that we played whenever we announced what time it was in the 1970's.

Mid 60's Radio Commercials heard on WTIX  

     ( Contributed by neworleansradio.com ) 

Browns Velvet Ice Cream

Budweiser Beer  ( Clydesdales marching in a Mardi Gras parade - Skip Broussard & Buzz Bennett )

Canada Dry

Falstaff Beer

The Friendship House Restaurant

Kreeger's Mam'zelle K Shop  (Robert Mitchell)

Maison Blanche

Metairie Ford  ( Check out the prices for new cars and gasoline! )

Rex Root Beer

Tape City  (Skip Broussard)

WTIX - AM   "The Mighty 690"

Airchecks & Other Audio

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   1. "WTIX ... and we love you" jingle
     2. Skinny Tom Cheney name shout
     3. One of the WTIX classic Time Chimes