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The wildly popular New Orleans morning radio show "The Dawnbusters" was aired on WWL Radio from 1937-1957 daily at 6 am to 9 am.

The beloved and extremely talented cast included host Henry Dupre, surrounded by Al Hirt, Tony Almerico, Irving Fazola, Pete Fountain, Pinky Vidacovich, Ray McNamara, Margie O'Dair, Godfrey Hirsch, and many others.

The Dawnbusters thrived on infectuous humor to let their morning audience awaken and get the day started with a smile.

The show combined local news, a full orchestra, music, singing and skits, all led by host Henry Dupre and broadcast from studios in the Roosevelt New Orleans.

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( 9 Clips, Estimated from 1946 -1955)

Henry Dupre hosts, with Pinky Vidacovich as the Cajun "Placide."

Clip 1  (2:16)     |     Clip 2  (2:56)     |     Clip 3   (1:55)

Henry Dupre hosts, with Margie O'Dair as one of the zany night club singers,

the "Reknits" Twins ("Stinker" spelled backwards).

Clip 1  (3:50)     |     Clip 2  (3:52)     |     Clip 3   (3:10)

Henry Dupre narrates "The Travelers."   (5:40)

Pinky Vidavocich sings, featuring the Dawnbusters band, 2 audio clips

My Wife's a Hippochondriac(1:36) | I Love Louisianie (1:31)

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